Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shopping Hual [ Things for AlEid ]

Hello Beautiful people..

Yesterday I went shopping to get some new things for Al Eid because 5 days left :(!, 
I am going to miss Ramadhan so much, 
its been a great month and I'll miss every minute of it, 
so here is some of the things that I got from Avenues, 
I didn't get much stuff because I already had my outfits done, 
And honestly there wasn't really so many good things to buy most of the items are either sold out or not my size, 
so here are the very little things that I got ;p..

[ ZARA ]

 the things that i got from ZARA, am so in love with this color, maroons are my favorites this month

(buy two get one free)

These awesome necklaces and rings that I got, the colors are soooo cuute.

[ new look ] 

This black dress is pretty awesome because its a long dress and the size fits perfectly

[ Dune ]

So This shoes is a KILLER!!, am so in love with it, the color is exactly what i want, it fits perfectly and the materiel is pretty good.



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