Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Clear Crossbody Bag

Seriously how cool is that?, to make your own Clear bag!
And get to design it the way you want..

Okay so do you know those moment when you see something like a bag or a shoe on YouTube and you think its cute and then you get over it but then you check your Tumblr and you find it there and you are totally fine, then you go to your instagram and you also happen to find it there & you are like I NEED THIS NOW!.
Yeah that didn't happen to me.
just kidding..

I've been so in love with clear clutchs / stachel bags. And the fact that it's really easy to make, I was like I need to make one nooow. so I've done my searches and i found out that you can buy a diy kit online to make your own clear bag if you want or if you are interested, cause I know some people prefer a diy kit because it's easier and you can get everything I get it :p. So I came up with this idea and I was so happy when it worked out because it was my first try and omg it was perfect so I freaked out a little but yeah I was really happy that day..

So here is a link if you want to buy a DIY Transparent Satchel Project kit:


if you are willing to give it a try here is how...

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