Friday, October 4, 2013

Snapcrafty review [ Online shope ]

Hello Everyone
Just wanted to share with you this things that I've purchase from Etsy, I've been loving the things the have in Etsy and I honestly Favorited a lot of things to buy, I didn't know what to get first so I thought let's try this first and if everything worked out I would buy more, cause every time I buy something online, i end up being shocked because it look way different than the picture or the size is different, but I was very happy with this one.

So I got this pack of 26 pieces of different shape/size flowers 
that I've been obsessed with lately ..

And I got this small very small rhinestone gem charms..

And she send me a small cute gift, so cute!

So if you want to check her online shop 


- AlGQ

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