Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Ribs And Rumps

Hello, Today I will be talking about this restaurant that I've visited last week and I wanna share the food they have and my reviews..

First of is the Drinks

This Red one was "The Special of the day" I don't remember the name of it
but it's a mix of strawberry watermelon and orange.. 
it's really good very refreshing

Blue Sky is basically lemonade with sprite i think or something like that..

I ordered this water, Um yeah I didn't really feel like drinking a juice or any thing.. 

Then we have the meals here:

This one was supposed to be a chicken wrap but the didn't have the bread so they end up just giving me the chiken, I like their french fries, the chicken was cooked very well, it was okay i guess, not my favorite..

here is a Mini Burger, very healthy as you can see they have a brown bread, which i absolutely love,and taste good ..

This is the Cheese Burger Also a healthy sandwich brown bread, I love that they stab it with a knife.. nice

So yeah that was it, it was a great experience and i would love to go back and try other things that they have so till next time, hope you enjoyed this post


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