Monday, December 16, 2013

Asos Haul [ Black Friday ]

Hi, how are you?
 Today i uploaded a video on youtube "Asos Haul"..

about a week ago i went to asos site and it was black friday which means free shipping and SAALEE!!! so i had to go through all the things that they had on sale and i ordered some stuff that i love, and i'm so happy that everything i bought turned out great and just perfect, because usually when i buy something online and specially the cloth it either turns out to be small or waaay too big but what i got was perfect even the rings that i got the size was perfect!! and i'm so happy and in love, i think asos is my new obsession :p, not only because of the description but because the items that they have are so good, like the material and everything.
since i'm so happy about the things that i've got, i've decided to shared with you some of the things, hope you enjoy it.

And these are some of the things that i've got from Asos..

Here's the video:


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