Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hilton resort | VLOG #1

Hello everyone, 

Am pretty excited for this post because it is my FIRST time doing this, and what I mean by "This" is the VLOG, I wasn't really planning on making a video vlog, but as I was in the beach and enjoying my time watching the beautiful waves of the sea and watching some Youtube video, I thought to myself why not make a vlog or a video about getting ready to the beach or doing a simple DIY for the beach, and giving advice about what to take to the beach, and all of this stuff.
It was really hard and it took me a long time because the video has a lot of edit!
but I got through it and I made it, I didn't talk that much or let's just say I didn't talk at all in the video because actually I decided to make a vlog after I recorded all the videos.
But it's a great experiences and I really do appreciate all the people who vlog and actually edit their vlogs.

HERE is my video, it's not so professional and fun, But I really hope you enjoy it.


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