Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY: Cute Greeting Cards

Hello my gorgeous people, Eid Mubrak to everyone, Hope you enjoy this eid..
And I hope you enjoy this Little fun DIY greeting card, it's very easy & it doesn't take a lot of time,
I've been looking for easy DIY's because they are fun and easy & I just love making them so,
Let's get started..

Things you'll need:

- A White Card Paper
- Ribbon
- Scissors
- A Colored paper with a design of your choice
- Ruler
-White Paper with Cut Design

 1. Fold the paper a little from the center
2. with the rule measure 3.3 inches width
3. Fold the paper from the 3.3 inches point
4. Measure 0.6 inches from the edge of the card paper and mark it. 

 1. with a scissor start cutting from the mark you made
2. the card paper should look like this

3. Cut the Designed part of the paper and glue it on the shorter edge of the card paper
4. Cut the colored paper with the preferable size and glue it to the card as shown in this picture.

Finally, add the Ribbon as shown in the picture
cut the extra material to make it fit the card.

Now its done!
Hope you like this easy DIY card


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