Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY: Disco Mirror Canvas

Hello everyone;*,
So I found this big box with a lot of CD's that I'm no longer using them so I thought of re-using them and save some picture, videos or even music. but there was so many that I no longer know what to do with them so I've search for some do it yourself ideas and came to a point where i don't know which DIY I should do, so I looked around and saw a box filled with different sizes of canvas so I thought to myself why not use it for decoration, so I did and I'm really glad that I did because it turned out very pretty and I absolutely love it, I would do as many as i can :p, because it's really easy more like a 3 steps DIY that need no time..
So here is how I did my other canvas this time I did a smaller one because I thought it would be cuter plus I choose a brown goldish CD, to make the canvas look better and different from the one I did before, so I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comment below ;*..

Things you'll need:

- 2 CD's
- Scissors
- A Canvas

1. Put the CD in warm water (so it wont break or scratch when you cut them), then be careful when you cut them. Use a big sharp Scissors and be sure to cut them slowly.

P.S. Cut the CD pieces into whatever size you desire

2. Prepare your canvas and place the CD pieces any way you want to, just to make sure that the design looks good. 

P.S: you can color your canvas any color you want before gluing the small pieces, just to give it a great touch.

3. glue the cut pieces and hing it on the wall in your bedroom.

hope you enjoy it :)


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