Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY: Rubber Bracelet

Hello Everyone,
hope you had a great weekend.
Okay, so here is another great idea to make old things new again..
I had so many of these bracelets, that i don't really wear cause I just don't like them anymore so I thought to myself why not do something with them, Since they are so thin and i can't glue anything on them and i can't even put any ribbon around them to make them look more colorful and cool, i decided to use glue to better fix their shape and make them look bigger, and my first try was pretty successful so I did many colors .. 
This one is pretty easy and aweeesoome :D.

Things you'll need:

- Spray paint *any color you like*
- glue gun
- a bracelet

Let's get started..

 1. Make sure your bracelet is clean and you are holding it the right way so the glue gun won't burn your fingers

2. After you start gluing the bracelet would look like that and make sure you glue it all around and wait for it till it drys out then continue gluing the other half.

3. When you finish gluing put it down for 30 minutes just to make sure its dry and it won't fall off the bracelet.

4. That's the final step you can either wear it like that or you can spray paint it with any color you want.

 if you spray it make sure you put some nail polish around it to protect your skin and to make a great texture

You can either color them or make a gold & silver ones

Hope you enjoyed!!


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