Friday, August 16, 2013

Three DIY ideas for back to school

Hello, Everyone
Summer is almost over, and school is about to start, so I thought why not do a back to school DIY, well actually I've seen so so many videos about backtoschooldiy & giveawaysss, and I just love each video and every idea they came up with, so I decide to make my own and since am not in high school, it's been really hard to do a good - easy - fun diy because i don't really know what you guys like to see/have/do so I've been doing a lot of thinking and I came up with these simple Ideas. and i just want to let you know that it was my first time doing the three ideas that i came up with so you'll see in the video that i was kinda rushing things and not shooting some of the steps because i just had to do it off camera, and the finishing quality isn't that good I'm sorry, but it's okay next time I'll do better, i hope.
so yeah enjoy it and just take the idea and be creative and have fun doing these ideas ..

three different DIY ideas:
1. Pencil pounch 
2. A bookmark 
3. A handmade notebook 

I really hope you enjoy and like these 3 ideas



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