Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My visit to turkey [ Istanbul ] Day #1

Kuwait Airport

And from there I went to turkey and we arrived at 5 in the morning, we arrived to Istanbul/Sabiha Gokcen Airport, we were so tired after hours of flights, the weather was beautiful and the sun was rising as we waited for a taxi to pick us up.
after waiting for 10-20 minutes we got a taxi and went to our hotel after 1 hour in a taxi, we checked our reservations and the check in was at 2 in the afternoon and by the time we got there it was almost 7 in the morning, so we left our baggies in the hotel and did a tour outside the hotel..

 so we found a restaurant and we decided to have our breakfast there, the city was just so beautiful and the weather was amazing, most of the people were preparing the food and opening their restaurant/ shop.. 

The food was amazing, I loved it so much, Actually I was really hungry.

After having an amazing breakfast we went shopping..

They have so many handmade stuff like bags and jewelry's.
also not to mention the leather jackets that they have, after this we went to the "Bazar"
it's basically every handmade thing they have is there and it's cheaper then an actual shop
I didn't get pictures of the "Bazar" because I was too busy looking at the things they have & it was very crowded. And Also they have so many different cloths shop like dresses, t-shirts , underwear, shoes and scarfs.

So after the "Bazar" we went to "Mado" a small place that sell so many sweets and also a very delicious ice cream..

The Decoration was so beautiful and my favorite too, They have a baby pink chairs & also a floral chairs that looks so adorable..

I Honestly didn't know what to choose from the menu so many cool looking sweets so we end up ordering the ones that people recomanded for us..

Everything was so very yummy !!!, I could honestly eat that everyday if I could, I'm not exaggerating like seriously this is one of my favorite places/cafe's in turkey.

So After the sweetness we went back to our hotel we were just so tired and it was almost 3 in the afternoon,
so after sleeping for 3 hours and getting all the rest that we need, we went to the park and sat there enjoying the weather.
then we went to have our dinner so as we were looking around for a good restaurant it was kinda hard to pick one because there was so many options, so after going back and forth and trying to choose one we end up choosing "Kayikei' a fish restaurant.

This is one of the things that I fall in love with, it's cheese with fried vegetables, it's so good.

This one is pretty good too, fried Hallomi with mashroom.

And Last but not least the watermelon juice, I love watermelon and this is just so cold and refreshing, I enjoyed the dinner so much.



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