Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY black Headband

So I've just got my small flowers delivered and I was so excited to use them, I had so many ideas for this and I've been doing a lot of thinking so I decided to do this black headband DIY
I hope you like what I came up with, and hopefully soon I'll be posting more DIY's ..

To make this black crystal/rhinestone head band..
You will need ..

Things You'll need:
- A Black Headband
- A glue gun
- Some flowers/crystal/pearls .. ect

As you can see the things you'll need aren't much so be creative ;)..

And for the box I used exactly what you see in this picture, am sorry I don't really know what's the name of each thing I used but I'm sure you can see them and you will know them without me putting the name :p

And Before you glue everything make sure you place them the way you want.
and then start gluing it..
and that's it you'll be done by then.

Hope you enjoy it

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