Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Hello, Everyone.
We all love to drink hot drinks, so i was wondering..
What's your favorite hot drink ? 
I made this video of how i make my hot drink.

I love Hot Chocolate, specially in winter.
I've been loving this mix of nutella & Cinnamon Hot Chocolate drink, It's so good and I'm literally obsessed, I always like my hot chocolate with only nutella & milk but I decided to add some cinnamon, I seriously didn't think it would turns out good, but surprisingly it turns out amazing, some people like to add some whip cream, I haven't try it with whip cream because I don't really like whip cream, but I'm sure it will taste great.
I Added some marshmallows on top to give my drink a different taste, I really recommend adding marshmallows Or cream on top, I hope you enjoyed this post and here is a picture of the marshmallows..

It looks so good, Hope you like the video.


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